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In one night

Ther she was again. The woman in in bleu from the park that i saw last week on the same time near the waterfall. It was like in my dream. she opened her coat and stand stil afrond of me and said to me softly that she was cheaching for me all the time to show you my body special for you. You like this park and the waterfal down here. It s beatiful and so peace full to. I reech my arm to her and grape her hand so that she coudnt wlak away. I close my arms around her and pusched her to my body so that she feeled my friend who was standing already. mmm she said, that feels good. a strong arm around me to let me feel the romance in the park. She took me to and kissed me on my lips and said. I want you, I want you now and here and so it was happen to. She grap my cock out of my jeans, kniels down and taste him like she never did befor. Her soft tong and lips around and in her mouth mades me horney that i coudnt stand stil. I grap her in her neck so that she had to stand up. I grap her higher so that she closed her legs around me. I opend her sweet wet pussy and let her sit on my marvelous standing cock to fuck her ride where we where standing. easy and slow up and down. It was late in the night and still in the park where we made love all night long.This night i never will forget becouse i never saw her again and only dream off a girl like her.
One year later i read the paper. There was standing a strange messege to me.
Thanks for the beuatifull night we have last year in the park. Can we meet each other again tonight. I goednt answer her back bud i was there on the same place same time.
It took the whole night again, and again i never saw her again I only recieved a note with a messege. Sorry, bud god took me away from earth bud i be there in your mind body and soul.

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